Sweetgrass and Sage

Sweetgrass and Sage

Friday, 15 November 2013

Playing for Charity

The event of the week!

Our lead man Eric, works for CRA (Canadian Revenue Agency) and each year, his work holds an idol like competition to raise money for charity.

He was nominated again this year, as were 3 other acts. The first one was a group that danced to the song 'What does the fox say?'. They looked like they had fun, and everyone had the mask of the animal they represented. 

The second singer was a man who did a karaoke of 'Jump, Jive and Wail'. He was an amazing singer, and could definitely front his own swing and jazz band. He had some solid pipes.

The third act was an older lady who did a country version of 'Shut up and Drive' and she also did an awesome job. Clearly she has done this before.

Finally it was our turn (The Billy Bishops) and we did our cover of 'Down by the Water' by the Decemberists. We were lucky enough to have the whole group including Simone be available to play.  Lady luck was on our side, and we actually snagged first place and as a whole, all of us performers raised $700.00 in donations. It was so much fun.

Here you can see how large the lobby was. It was huge and nerve wracking but a blast!

Trystan, Simone, Eric and I with our awesome trophy. Eric gets to keep it on his work desk to show it off for the year.

We had a great time, and would do it all over again. Have a great week and stay warm out there.

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