Sweetgrass and Sage

Sweetgrass and Sage

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Yearning to explore.

Here is a drawing that I am doing for my friend, Eric. His brother Christian, is a snow sculptor and had made an ice sculpture with the same theme.  The theme given to them was "think outside the box", or something similar. So he made an octopus looking through a telescope up at the stars.  I haven't seen a photo of this but I thought, that's so brilliant and whimsical.  

Eric had asked me to make him a tattoo design with the same imagery, but my own style. I was more than happy to oblige, and wanted to show you the process. I'm going to update you with this as it starts to become more finalized.  

I don't think I've enjoyed such a whimsical and storybook-like concept as an octopus longing to explore space before. So much fun. 

Old drawings, found again.

I was doing some drawing today, and found this colourful, alien girl drawing that I didn't finish. I just want to share it because I love the vivid colours and was feeling very creative that day. I think she looks smart in her pea coat. 

Such a short, skirt and high stockings, she must be cosmopolitan!